Getting the Shot

As someone who loves to take photos, I'm used to being the one composing the frame rather than the one appearing in it. Upon coming back from my Montana trip, however, I found that my photog partner (AKA Mom) had some interesting shots on her digital camera. Specifically, she took great interest in shooting photos of me shooting photos. At first, they just made me laugh, but then I realized how much I like them.

I sometimes take for granted the weird positions I'll twist myself into when composing a shot. I often don't even notice what I'm doing with my body as I'm framing something.


Mount up!


It was plenty warm out, but I had the windbreaker on for crawling around in the grass.


In the forest's graveyard


Gorillas in the Mist


Don't fall...


By far, camera gear composed the bulk of my carrying load.
The three liters of water came in second, and then the rest was mostly medical and other 'emergency' gear.


My light load for when I wasn't on the trail (I realize that sounds counterintuitive)


"Hm... shoot this in visible or IR?"


I restrained myself from hosing anyone with that can of bear spray


Prone: not just for rifles



When you're hiking in the mid 90's, there is nothing on Earth better than some shade and a cold stream